Satisfaction, is there such a thing?

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.
Can we truly be satisfied with the white picket fence and two car garage?
The neighbor just got a new Lexus to keep in her garage and can you just hear the lady down the street saying, "I want one, and a vacation to the Bahamas on the sands would be nice this summer." The American Dream has become American Greed.
  • Double income, with no kids has become the norm in this selfish society.
  • ME first.... Get me out of this house and away from those screaming kids I didn't want in the first place and into the office where I can have power, find myself and maybe even an affair.
  • Deception and Divorce has become the "acceptable norm"

Unfortunatley the deception is upon the woman who falls prey to these thoughts and lifestyle. We live in an era where men are not men, and women are not women. Where laws are passed that allow an indivudual their "freedom" to choose the gender they would like to be.

  • Need some direction on how to get out of the trap?
  • Need to be loved?
  • Need peace?
  • How can others with so much less be more happy?
  • Is this all there is, or is there a better way?
  • Is there really something that will satisfy me?

Realizing the need for a change is the first step. Let's start walking...

© Monika Hardy

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