Domestically Inclined

Domestically inclined....

A heart that is willing and eager to be content at home. The world holds no fascination to such a heart. A heart at peace within the walls that God has ordained it to inhabit; a contented heart such as this will be ridiculed by the world, because it will convict those without such a heart of what is true and right and holy... without even saying a word.

Seems like these are such old-fashioned notions that many a young woman faced with the crossroads of life would much rather choose the easier way in life of fame and self gratification. Yet God Himself has described a much more beautfiul and rewarding path.

The domestically inclined path of a woman brings much satisfaction.

  • Imagine running a home as efficiently as a five star hotel.
  • Imagine running a kitchen as artfully as one of the world's most famous chefs.
  • Imagine being a teacher for preschool to 12th grade and possibly even college.
  • Imagine doing all these things simultaneously everyday, and being able to drop it all at a moments notice to put on your Florence Nightingale hat to kiss the boo boo of the youngest pair of the most beautiful eyes in the house.
  • All this while barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!

Ok so this may not apeal to some....it does to me!

If it intrigues you, then keep reading.

If it doesn't........... why not?

We'll explore why not .....next time.

© Monika Hardy

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