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Contest entry deadline is 12pm Pacific Standard Time, March 30th, 2008.
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Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window... I am seeing signs of Spring! The trees are budding and the grass is turning green!
I am thinking... How wonderful it is to have two granddaughters
I am thankful for... the children who were saved on Friday Night! God is faithful to His word, and answers when we call upon Him!
From the kitchen... A crisp green salad with chicken and brown rice and broccoli
I am wearing... A white skirt and white blouse and a grey fleece vest, with sandals and my hair pinned up in a bun.
I am reading...My Bible with my new glasses!
I am hoping... To play with my grand daughters this week.
I am creating... an indoor greenhouse in the kitchen with seedling just waiting to go into the Out door green house that my husband will be building soon!
I am hearing... the neighbors truck warm up
Around the house...Many projects that I would like to get to. Laundry to fold, and put away
One of my favorite things... Having God's word come alive in the eyes and hearts of little ones
A few plans for the rest of the week... Sewing and alteration projects, baking, taking care of mil, reading, studying my Bible, and hopefully a trip to the Library.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
Aromatic Garden
Aromatic Garden
Simple Woman's Day Book


On Economic woes...

"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things" Philippians 4:8.

It's not that we are to put our heads in the sand and ignore all that is going on around us. Rather, put your head in the Bible where it belongs and drink deeply of the nourshing water, and be led by the wisdom it contains. God forbid we would ignore the plight of others! Our friends and family, and church family, and neighbors need us, and we need them to share the word of God and extend a helping hand where we can. There is mercy in God, hide in Him, run to Him and away from the world. Listen carefully to God's still small voice and do as He says, for He loves you.


It's a girl!

So sorry for not posting the Frugal Friday post. I was a bit occupied with the new arrival of our second baby grand daughter! She is so adorable! I am so glad to see that her older sister who is only 14 months old is so gentle with the new baby. I keep saying new baby as she has not been named yet. Mom and Dad are taking some time to name her appropriately. Things went well for mom and baby. The baby was born at home with the help of daddy and the midwife and her team. The whole process only took a few hours this time compared to a much longer difficult time last time. I and many others were praying for mercy and a much easier time and we are relieved to see that God answered with mercy. I was able to help by bringing the 14 month old home with me overnight and we had a little slumber party and talked until midnight, when she finally fell asleep in my arms. It's always difficult when little ones are not in their own bed. She had a playful time with her great grandmother and I until I brought her back to visit with her new little sister. Of course mom and dad sure missed her and couldn't wait to get her back home too. Just wanted to share our newest little blessing with you all.


Alistair Begg Pleads The Fifth

I was visiting a blog today and was encouraged by what I read, as I don't see or hear much about this anymore, in the world or in the church. I don't know if it is because I was raised by European parents, or the words of God have stuck in my mind and heart or both as God works all things out for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

Our conviction as parents was for me to remain in the home to care for the children as they grew, and homeschool them, and now that they are grown and on their own life came to a cross roads, with the home empty, shall I go out into the work force? God impressed on my heart to remain home and now just a few years later, it provides the time and home to care for my aging mother in love with Alzheimers.

In my life time I have seen children and the elderly locked up in instituions seperated from each other, most of the time so that a woman can "find the real her" out in the work force. Unfortunarely it does not give the older generation time with the younger generation to pass on wisdom, morals, God's word, a heart for giving and loving, stories, a chance to learn so much and much more that the elderly have to offer.

May I present to you another way....God's way....stay home and take care of your family. I understand there are some single mom's who would love to stay home, but must work because the dad is no longer around to provide for the family he left. I understand there are military families whose dad or mom is on assignment and the parent at home has to work to help provide for the family..may God have mercy on all of you as you look to Him to provide for all your needs. Or perhaps you have a empty nest and home is well taken care of and you have time to work to earn a bit to help a missionary family, God bless your efforts Proverbs 31 woman.

But for the mom who chooses to leave the children locked up in day cares, or public school for that matter so she can have a real life to fulfill selfish motives please reconsider. The enemy of our soul would love to get the mother out of the home and destroy the family. Even being at home and standing guard in prayer as moms and wives the enemy can still manage to wreck havoc in our lives, and so much the more when we give up our post at home.

Alistair Begg on Pleading the Fifth...Commandment that is.

There’s something sadly wrong when other cultures without Bibles are better at dealing with the long-term care of their elderly than we, with our Bibles, and our apparent commitment to Jesus Christ.
What do we do? We push people up the ladder of success fast, so that we can topple them off as quickly as we can. We don’t respect old age; we don’t respect wisdom. We just don’t. We don’t ask for their wisdom or guidance; we blow them off. We are committed to youth. We’re not committed to youth because youth is tremendously efficient or because of hard work—we’re committed to youth on the basis of image. … Youth is worshipped. Old age is taboo, dreaded, or despised. We live in a society that isolates and impoverishes those who have given their lives so that we might have an existence. This is really wrong!

Visit Jess over at Making it Home to read the entire message.


Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window...No ice on the vehicles and I can see the concrete! I am thinking... what a wonderful weekend dear hubby and I had even with much to take care of.
I am thankful for...my dear husband who works hard and by God's grace provides so that I can stay at home. I was just talking with him this morning at breakfast and he was talking about things he needed to take care of at work, when I realized how wonderful it is to just have to think about taking care of the home rather than home and work details. It's been years since I worked outside the home and it was at a nursing home. I would wake up in the middle of the night and wonder, did I mention to the next shift that the oxygen tank was getting low, did I record the blood pressure of the patient in room 14, and will I have help on my floor in the morning or will they be hung over again and call in sick? Thank you Lord for such a hard working husband who loves you and me.
I am also thankful for...my friend Kym's Monday Morning Messaging Ministry! MMMM :)
From the kitchen... A re-arranged kitchen. I put my desk back in there with a lace cover to stop any "drop offs". It works like a roll top desk so that the next time I need to USE the desk, it is free and clear of "drop offs". Also, brown rice and brocoli with TVP, and fresh baked peanut butter cookies.
I am reading... The book of Luke and Simple Social Graces
I am hoping... hmmm, last week I was hoping my knee and back would feel better, and it does now that it is not one degree anymore. I thank God it does feel better as I got to help my grandaughter practice taking steps this week! She is sooo cute and adorable, but then I am biased as I am the Omi!
I am creating... a more spring condusive living room and kitchen, as the wetter weather is bringing in more wet and gritty foot prints on the flooring. Good thing I my vitamins this weekend as I moved most of the furniture and cleaned the flooring under it and rearranged with more rug space at the doors.
I am wearing... New glasses from Costco! I can now read my Bible in my lap again and see all the way to the front of the Sanctuary, Praise God! I am so tired of reading it on the computer. These are my first pair of progressive bifocal lenses and I was told I should take a few weeks to get used to them, still wobbly on my feet with them though.
I am hearing...the annoyingly loud dryer buzzer! I need it though on Laundry days to keep me on the Laundry task. I just need to remember to turn it off when Mother in Love goes to bed earlier than we do.
My favorite things... a cup of hot decafe, my new glasses and my Bible...in my lap!
A few plans for the rest of the week... Continue to reorganize for spring, and try to get some housekeeping help so I can keep up with Mother in love, and take my vitamins!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

You can visit Peggy at The Simple Woman's Day Book


Judge orders homeschoolers into public classrooms!

Judge orders homeschoolers into public classrooms

A North Carolina judge has ordered three children to attend public schools this fall because the homeschooling their mother has provided over the last four years needs to be "challenged."

The children, however, have tested above their grade levels – by as much as two years.

Please pray..and

Read the latest now on WND.com.

All it takes is good people to do nothing for evil to prevail.


We come to Worship

Bad mom...!
I don't know that I ever shared this with you all. My son put together a video of a song that my Husband wrote. My husband and I and both our sons recored the worship song. The young lady in the video is our daughter in love who married our oldest son. Our son is deep into the tax season and we are all awaiting the arrival of their second child.
You can visit his blog at Stephen Hardy's Blog

Walking by faith, not by sight!

Walking by Faith, not by sight!

Please keep baby Faith and her Mommy Myah and Grammy in your prayers.

Baby Faith was born with anencephaly.

You can read their incredible journey of faith in God here.

Spring Cleaning Homemaking Giveaway


Even though it doesn't look like anything like Spring around here, I'm sure Spring has sprung somewhere else. So in honor of Spring Cleaners everywhere, I am posting a spring Giveaway!

This beautiful teal floral/white eyelet fabric makes a striking combination. It comes with a handy pocket for your pencil and pad of paper to write down all those important notes you think of while you are cleaning, and it can also hold your cell phone.

I did mean Spring Cleaners everywhere, world wide, as this lightweight apron will be a light ship.

Here are the contest rules....

1. Write a post on your site mentioning this give away and iviting others to join, with a link back to Domestically Inclined.

2. Leave a comment on THIS post and include a way for me to contact you, your site post link or email.

That's it!

Each person is entitled to one entry. I will write all your names down and have my husband pick a random name out of a bowl (no peeking will be allowed) and I will announce the winner here on the last day of March, the 31st. That doesn't leave alot of time, so hurry and tell your blog friends. Sorry you must have a blog to participate.
Contest entry deadline is 12pm Pacific Standard Time, March 30th, 2008.
And yes, this give away is open Internationally!


Fashion challenged, yes I know

I took Civilla's fashion challenge and wrote out my own. Would you like to do the same?
Civilla's Cyber Cafe
1. What is your earliest fashion memory? We were not very wealthy, and when my sister and I were in elementary school, my mother came across a sale that she thought was perfect for her four children…two boys and two girls. Now remember this was in the mids 1960’s…Brown cordory pants, red and white hi-top sneakers, and white t-shirts. This is not a favorite memory but the first fashion memory. I longed to be dressed like a girl not a boy, but when there was not enough money since dad died, we wore what we had.
2. What is the most important accessory you wear? My Spiritual Armor
3. Do you wear white shoes after labor day? No Labor day legalist here
4. What is your biggest fashion influence? The Bible
5. What is one part of your getting ready routine that you can't live without? My apron
6. Do you have any advice for girls with curly hair? Enjoy it, I have to work to make mine curly.
7. Which is worse -- VBS ,VPL , or a muffin top? All of them and I didn’t know they were called muffin tops.
8. What is one fashion no-no that you wish you could correct for everyone? immodesty
9. What is one modesty no-no that you wish you could correct for everyone? Tatto’s but God will convict if need be
10.What fashion no-no is modest but unattractive? Potato sack dress, but I'm sewing challenged (Personally I love the socks and sneakers with dresses, they are great for long days of work :)

© Monika Hardy


Sudan Video

Well it's just not spring around here! Heavy wet snow has made it's way to our area again and the artic cold is right behind it!

So while I am trying to warm up and turned on the internet to watch church online with mother in love, I got the link to the video of our Pastor when he was teaching the Bible in Sudan. A very gracious thank you to all those of you who prayed for him and the Chaplins in Africa.

For those who took part in prayer may God Bless you, and if God lays it on your heart please continue to pray for the Chaplins as they take the good news of Jesus Christ to others in their land. By the way, this is not the first time our Pastor has visited there. The Chaplins gave him the nickname Kawaja, which means "Great white man" however after this trip the Chaplins changed his nickname to "Agiga", which means Truth! That is quite an honor in my book and more importantly in God's Book, as God holds the truth of His word above His name!

Take a moment and watch the video Pastor Bob made of the trip to....Sudan

If it costs me everything...

I'll obey and serve You
I'll obey because I love you
I'll obey, my life is in Your hands
Cause it's the way to prove my love
When feelings go away
If it costs me everything,
I'll obey

Pasta Salad


Pasta salad

Boil 1 cup gluten free noodles in 3 cups water or chicken broth till almost done
then add 1 cup broccoli till tender
toss in 1/4 cup raisins and 1/4 cup TVP
(Textured vegetable Protien)
(if the family protests you can add chicken at the beginning) :)
cook for one more minute
Drain carefullly
add 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
Cool slightly
Lightly coat with Ranch dressing
Serve warm or cold

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...A break in the snow storm, glorious sun, but I hear more snow is on the way
I am thinking... how wonderful it will be when spring finally gets here.
I am thankful for...God's hand in my life, and how He has shown Himself strong in the tiniest details of my life!
From the kitchen... Two loaves freshly baked bread
I am reading... Help for Caregivers of Alzheimers Patients...there is much online and on Midday Connection on Moody Radio today. Simple Social Graces.
I am hoping... to feel better soon. My knee and back are aching! Perhaps gluten is the culprit!
I am creating... a safer home for an Alzheimers patient.
I am wearing... My most precious armor that God provided!
I am hearing...blessed silence!
My favorite things... a cup of tea, and my Bible
A few plans for the rest of the week... Organize some music for children's praise and worship time, do some pre spring cleaning, pray, get my mom's birthday gift!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... can you spot the bee in the upper right hand corner of the picture?


Patience, Patience

Here it is already March! The last 8 months have flown by but this one is moving sooo slow. Ok so it's only the 5th and I am just being impatient. We are awaiting the arrival of our second grandchild!

Our Daughter in love has been preparing for the blessed event, and posted a few questions regarding this female motherly nesting act. Might you have something to share with her?
Need to go...mother in love needs help. Have a wonderful day with Jesus!

Grandma Ladybug


"This made me think of you"

There is an email that is going around with the usual "feel" good dribble with empty platitudes.

Someone sent it to my inbox and the title said....This made me think of you. Grandma Ladybug's reply is as follows just in case such things make their way to your inbox....

THAT made you think of me??? It's New Age garbage. Perhaps you do not know me. Perhaps you did not see the deception in the "feel" good phsycobable of the slide show you sent to my inbox and only meant to send "uplifting thoughts" my way.

This Ladybug thinks of Jesus and the truth of the Bible and Heaven and how soon Jesus will be coming to take me away to a home He has prepared for me to live with Him for eternity!
This Ladybug thinks of the people on earth that think thoughts like mine are foolishness, but without Jesus in their heart they cannot know any other way than the path to hell they are headed on, without turning to Jesus.

This Ladybug thinks to pray for their salvation before my head hits the pillow at night.
This Ladybug thinks it is sad that years of indoctrination into the ways of eastern religions and psychology and self esteem have blinded souls to the truth of God's word. It is rediculous that the enemy of our souls has deceived so many into believing in "faith" instead of "faith in what Jesus did on the cross"; in "believe" instead of believing in Jesus and the finished work of the cross.

Deception is a nasty thing. The only way to guard your heart against such a thing is to be armed with the truth...so please read your Bible and hide that truth in your heart. It is a matter of great importance.

If you are not saved it is a matter of where your soul will spend eternity.

If you are saved and cannot see the difference, than it is a matter of learning God's way and becoming more like Him....by reading His word, and washing our mind and lives of the filth of this world.

May God open our eyes to the truth and guard our hearts from deception.

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.
Revelation 20:10

Is it soup yet?

Love and prayers,
Grandma Ladybug


The Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window... Blessed beautiful Sunshine to melt the frozen fog!
I am thinking... how wonderful it will be when our second grandchild arrives in this world, not too far away now!
I am thankful for...I have to agree with Peggy at The Simple womans Daybook site on this one... women who have a deep passion for Christ and share that on their blogs...Amen Peggy!
From the kitchen... A clean kitchen this morning complete with shiny copper bottoms on the Revereware..can't just just hear the pudding singing in the cooper?
I am reading... Help for Caregivers of Alzheimers Patients...there is much online.
I am hoping... to post a spring giveaway online soon! My mind is thinking to spring like many of you and I am sure this item will put a little spring into your step while you make your house a home.
I am creating... Still working on a book I would like to finish but it will have to be finsihed on God's time table not mine.
I am wearing... I've got my armor on today! and a chocolate colored skrit, a black tshirt, with black stocking and shoes, my hair is up in a clip and I am attempting to put the rest up in curls.
I am hearing...the washer and dryer working away, three loads already done this morning.
My favorite things... A quiet morning with Jesus before I am interrupted by life.
A few plans for the rest of the week... If time allows I would like to begin cutting out and sewing a dress with some brown gauze fabric I found this past weekend, just right for me for spring and summer! The fabric is already washed and dryed and ready to go!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Click on The Simple Woman's Day Book meme above to visit Peggy

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