Fashion challenged, yes I know

I took Civilla's fashion challenge and wrote out my own. Would you like to do the same?
Civilla's Cyber Cafe
1. What is your earliest fashion memory? We were not very wealthy, and when my sister and I were in elementary school, my mother came across a sale that she thought was perfect for her four children…two boys and two girls. Now remember this was in the mids 1960’s…Brown cordory pants, red and white hi-top sneakers, and white t-shirts. This is not a favorite memory but the first fashion memory. I longed to be dressed like a girl not a boy, but when there was not enough money since dad died, we wore what we had.
2. What is the most important accessory you wear? My Spiritual Armor
3. Do you wear white shoes after labor day? No Labor day legalist here
4. What is your biggest fashion influence? The Bible
5. What is one part of your getting ready routine that you can't live without? My apron
6. Do you have any advice for girls with curly hair? Enjoy it, I have to work to make mine curly.
7. Which is worse -- VBS ,VPL , or a muffin top? All of them and I didn’t know they were called muffin tops.
8. What is one fashion no-no that you wish you could correct for everyone? immodesty
9. What is one modesty no-no that you wish you could correct for everyone? Tatto’s but God will convict if need be
10.What fashion no-no is modest but unattractive? Potato sack dress, but I'm sewing challenged (Personally I love the socks and sneakers with dresses, they are great for long days of work :)

© Monika Hardy


Civilla said...

Good, good answers. I love the one about spiritual armor! Right now I'm wearing "mom jeans" -- the high waisted kind that make your rear look bigger than it really is! Google "Mom Jeans" and click on the you-tube (short) video. It is hilarious (and clean). I'm looking forward to warmer weather when I can get my dresses and sandals or flats out! I never wore pants till I was 11! Probably because my grand mother from Ireland who raised me always wore dresses. Anyway, very good answers! Loved 'em!

Civilla said...

Oh, now that I think about it, SOME socks and sneakers look fine with a jumper: short white fold-over socks with white canvas sneakers! Those look great -- I forgot all about those.

Civilla said...

Oh, and I was going to say, that is wonderful that you taught your children German! What an accomplishment. Are you German? We lived there in the early 70's for 2 1/2 years and loved it.

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