Simple Woman's Day Book

Outside my window... I am seeing signs of Spring! The trees are budding and the grass is turning green!
I am thinking... How wonderful it is to have two granddaughters
I am thankful for... the children who were saved on Friday Night! God is faithful to His word, and answers when we call upon Him!
From the kitchen... A crisp green salad with chicken and brown rice and broccoli
I am wearing... A white skirt and white blouse and a grey fleece vest, with sandals and my hair pinned up in a bun.
I am reading...My Bible with my new glasses!
I am hoping... To play with my grand daughters this week.
I am creating... an indoor greenhouse in the kitchen with seedling just waiting to go into the Out door green house that my husband will be building soon!
I am hearing... the neighbors truck warm up
Around the house...Many projects that I would like to get to. Laundry to fold, and put away
One of my favorite things... Having God's word come alive in the eyes and hearts of little ones
A few plans for the rest of the week... Sewing and alteration projects, baking, taking care of mil, reading, studying my Bible, and hopefully a trip to the Library.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
Aromatic Garden
Aromatic Garden
Simple Woman's Day Book


Love Abounds At Home said...

What a beautiful Monday you're having :)

Aubrey said...

Thank you for sharing your Daybook! It is so nice, as I visit these Daybooks, to read people's thoughts about their faith and that they (you!) are reading their bibles. It makes me feel at home.

God bless! :)

Brazen Hussey's said...

Been thinking about Spring as well, with all the tulip buds springing up and in my case: weeds...ahem!

In any event, have you tried "square foot gardening"? The yield and efficiency is amazing, and rather fun. Our lot has pretty awful soil, in square foot gardening that's no problem.

Just a thought. As you garden, do you also think of Eden? I can't help but think of it.

Watch out for serpents, though...

:) Or not: Christ won already!


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