Sudan Video

Well it's just not spring around here! Heavy wet snow has made it's way to our area again and the artic cold is right behind it!

So while I am trying to warm up and turned on the internet to watch church online with mother in love, I got the link to the video of our Pastor when he was teaching the Bible in Sudan. A very gracious thank you to all those of you who prayed for him and the Chaplins in Africa.

For those who took part in prayer may God Bless you, and if God lays it on your heart please continue to pray for the Chaplins as they take the good news of Jesus Christ to others in their land. By the way, this is not the first time our Pastor has visited there. The Chaplins gave him the nickname Kawaja, which means "Great white man" however after this trip the Chaplins changed his nickname to "Agiga", which means Truth! That is quite an honor in my book and more importantly in God's Book, as God holds the truth of His word above His name!

Take a moment and watch the video Pastor Bob made of the trip to....Sudan

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