Ode To Fall

Ode To Fall

Long strolls near the river cause sorrows to roll,
Away from my heart, far from my soul.
My Beloved is with me and all is well,
Of His loving embrace I must tell.

Bring the day quickly when faith becomes sight,
Roll back the heavenly scroll with Your might.
Oh the bliss, the glorious thought,
With Your precious sacrifice, I am bought!

The fall of man has kept us apart,
The Fall You created brings hope to my heart.
To see the Creator of all good things,
Face to face soon, now in creation as it sings.

Through the mist on the river as it whispers by,
Through the leaves as they fall from tree tops high.
This Season of beauty, this season of grace,
Will fall from memory, because Jesus took my place.

Weep not for me when I am gone,
For in His presence I’ll be singing the song,
Of the redeemed, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb,
Who is altogether lovely, the Great I AM.

Fall on your knees, for He is worthy,
To receive honor, and power and glory.
When in creation you see the majesty of the King
Fall into His arms and find shelter, under His wing.

© Monika Hardy


Recovering from surgeries, Hello out there! :)

 Flowers from my hubby after surgery

Hello out there! I can hear the ripple effect of sound waves across the Great Divide as I call out. It has been a long year of car accidents and surgeries. I am just six weeks post op from the last surgery...a total thyroidechtomy. The entire thyroid, goiter and nodules and all had to be removed. I will try to share my story of this in the future as I found so many others stories helpful before I had to go under the knife. Prayerfully, we decided to go ahead and have it done as the mass was causing too much compression in the swallowing and breathing area. 

I am tired most of the time now, but am recovering nicely.
I am learning that not everything has to be done in this season of life.
I am learning that my brain is waking up again, and I can read, and write without much brain fog! 
I am praising God for all His loving kindness and healing!

So whilst I was checking on the condition of my blogs I found a lovely surprise! Miss Mandie dropped by with a kind comment which led me to her new blog. Mandie has blessed my socks off, and I just have to share her with you. As I type my eyes are getting heavy and I know dream land is nearby. So let me leave you with the words of a wonderful new online acquaintance that feels more like a friend already! I'm sure you will be blessed as I am. 

© Monika Hardy

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