And the winner is...

Morning all...
Thanks so much for celebrating my Blogaversary with me!
I was able to post all the entries including those that came in yesterday for the $10 dollar Blogaversary Starbucks Card Giveaway
and the winner is....

Conny at The Life of an Ordinary Hausfrau!

© Monika Hardy


Happy Thankgiving and Blogaversary Giveaway!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope your weekend was filled with love and family and most of all Jesus as ours was!I had some fun making painting some Thanksgiving cards (above) for family this year while I recovered from some surgery earlier in the month.

Just a reminder....the Blogaversary Starbucks Giveaway closes tonight at midnight PST.
(enter below on last post)
I know many of you have been busy with family and friends at this time of year, and there was not a lot of time to enter, but I didn't want to just let the chance slip away for someone out there!
Looking forward to posting a winner!

© Monika Hardy


Blogaversary Starbucks Giveaway!

My three year Blogaversary will be in seven days!
What a joy it has been to connect with so many of you!

I began this journey to...
Encourage others, and I myself have been encouraged.
Bring joy and hope to others and others have shared it with me.
To share God's word with others, and it has been shared with me.
To encourage other women to make Jesus in their Home the priority in their lives, and been so encouraged to hear of many of you doing just that!
So in honor of the third year...a giveaway.

Since it is so cold here right now, I would love to share a warm cup of coffee with all of you!
Alas, that will not work, so a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card will have to do for one precious reader!

ONE entry point will be given to each of the following..
1. Leave a comment here about something you like about this blog.
2. Leave a comment on Facebook about something you like about this blog and leave that link here in the comments so I can read it.
3. Leave a comment on Twitter about something you like about this blog and leave that link here in the comments so I can read it.

THREE entry points will be given for the following...
4. Write a post on your blog about the giveaway and what you like about this blog and leave that link here in the comments for me to read.

All comment entries left on this site must be posted by midnight November 28th, 2010. The winner of the $10.00 Starbucks gift card will be posted on my third Blogaversary, Monday, November 29th, 2010.

Thank you so much for your encouragement over the past three years!

© Monika Hardy


Thankful Sunday

In the land of the Northwest God has given us a beautiful snowy day! It is beautiful to watch the snow flakes fall, and I love to get out into it and play and drive and shovel and just enjoy it! It reminds me of the blood that my Jesus shed for me to wash me clean and make me white as snow. At this time of year when we are all reminded to be thankful, it reminds me to be thankful at all times....not just on a day that the world has turned into a "turkey day".

Things to be thankful for....

Salvation from my sins through faith in Jesus!

Those in the military willing to fight for our freedoms!

Children and Grandchildren

A computer that works again so I can visit with you all again!

and so much more....like chili on the stove in a warm home and someone to share it with.

Whether your dinner is small fare or not, whether there be someone to share it with you or not...

always remember to invite the most important guest to spend time with you...Jesus!

Happy Sunday evening to you!

© Monika Hardy

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