Tender Greens

There are two sides to every story. In the following story there is good news and bad news.
First, the good news:
This beautiful bunch of greens was just collected from my raised garden bed a short while ago. As I write this story I have already eaten a salad without salad dressing and enjoyed the incredible flavors of the following tender greens...
Tender Garlic Snipes
Sweet sliced onions
Green onions

The first salad from the garden is something I look forward to after a long winter in North Idaho. The flavor is incredibly intense compared to what is shipped in from somewhere else. I am thankful food is shipped in from somewhere in the winter, but also thankful to have the health and strength to garden again after a long year of health issues last year. 

Now that the weather is warmer and we have more sunlight I thought it was time to get the window sill ready to grow sprouts and micro greens. So I was carrying these boxes from the back steps to a table when something happened....

The bad news:

As I was carrying these boxes and I tripped on a chair leg, I think, because it all happened so fast, and down I went with the boxes flying and landing on and around me. The concrete and I are not friends! I have a few good welts, scrapes and bruises that flared up instantly, and I can feel the jar to my spine. 
The boxes are for Micro Greens that I like to grow inside for salads. I just add a good potting soil to the individual cups, add seeds and let them grow a few inches high and snip above the dirt line. The cups can then be re-seeded. It is a good supplemental green source in the summer time for a short while, and leaves room for the cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, and several sorts of tomato plants I have hardening off right now. 

Hope you are enjoying the dirt in your backyard this season. Stay safe. :)


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