Old Fashioned Homemaking Skills

Ok, they may be known as Old Fashioned Homemaking Skills, but they are very good to know in our day and age as well.

God knows our hearts. He knows that as a homemaker I am always looking for ways to make our income stretch farther, as I am sure many of you are. If you haven't watched the news lately, things don't sound too good, but then I'm not surprised. It looks as if God has been setting the stage for end time events. He also said that the heart of many will fail with fear. I thank my God I can live in peace knowing that this world is not my home and that He is preparing a place for me and all those that believe in Jesus. I live with Hope in my heart for the things to come, glorious things that we will enjoy for all of eternity. I will see the kind face of my Jesus soon. Until then...there is much work to do. We women have work to do to carry out the plans of God. Part of that responsibility is to be like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14

Not just with food but also with the other needs of the family. It takes a bit more searching and planning and discipline to shop the thrift stores, but it can be very fruitful.

The skills I've learned over the years have also helped.

I learned many of these skills out of necessity. There was a time when there was no money for hair cuts and I would pull out the scissors and pray and cut. There were always some guys around to eat my baking experiments so nothing went to waste. Being very tall and large has made sewing a necessity, especially since I can't find modest skirts or blouses long enough. We considered putting the children in a private school but that cost too much, so God allowed that desire of teaching to be fulfilled at home. Embroidery, crochet, typing, and baking have all been good for the home as well as in the market place. You can use your skills to make and sell things online, in front porch sales, or church craft sales, you can even use management skills to plan one before Christmas at your church or neighborhood. You can even tell others about Jesus while they visit your front porch or sales table.

But remember, there are seasons in our lives. Young mommies with little ones at home cannot do it all and neither can an empty nester. However if we pick and choose wisely, we can use some of these skills at different times in our lives to enhance the family, the family budget, and bless the lives of others.

We've all gotta start somewhere.
Here is a list of some helpful skills, along with some helpful links.


MichelleC said...

Wonderful Blog entry!!!!
Thanks so much for the encouragment to us SAHM's w/littles. *Heartbeat*

CookinsForMe said...

This was a beautifully written entry. I'm not a SAHM with little ones anymore but I used to be and encouragement was rare. There's so much more to be found now and it's nice to see your blog doing that. DH and I are empty nesters these days and that's very difficult for me to adjust to, though I'm improving. At any rate, you have a wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing!

Raquel said...

Beautiful entry! I work from home and I try to embrace the old-fashioned ways as much as possible. I don't get a lot of time to do that with working 40 hours as week, but I do try! Much love, Raquel XO

Desert Pastor's wife said...

I am a sahm with 3 teenage boys and a toddler girl. I homeschool the older ones and will be homeschooling our little girl when she's old enough for it.

I noticed you do crocheting. I love to crochet although I don't have as much time with a toddler as I would like. Maybe soon though...

Thanks for stopping my blog. I was encouraged by your comments and I really like your blog! Have a great day!

rileys mom said...

thanks for the great blog. Im a sahm and my husband started in the ministry two years ago. I will admit there are days I want to call it quits and go back to work, but then my little boy climbs in my arms and reminds me why I wanted to stay home in the first place. I have only recently began trying to do things the old fashioned way. its my true desire to be a good old fashioned homeMAKER. in every sense of the word. i want Titus 2:4&5 to describe who I am and how I live my life.

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