100th Post Drawing!

Time for Tea by Barbara Mock
Time for Tea

Thank you to all who so faithfully stop by to read this blog!
This marks the 100th post and over 5,000 visitors!
When I began sharing my heart with you about a year ago,
I had no idea it would turn into this. It has been such a joy getting to know many of you through your blogs as well, and to see so many stop by from all over the world! So I would like to try to bless you as you have blessed me.
I am still gathering the drawing package together,
and will have a drawing in honor of the 100th post.
(well technically it is much more if you count all my blogs, but on this one it is officially 100!)

I will be posting the details soon,
for the drawing so please stay tuned.

School Days by Jessie Wilcox-SmithFall is finally here!
I hear those school bells ringing all across our land. Many homeschool families are sharpening those pencils and hitting the books and moms are planning field trips.
May you all remember to ask God for mercy on this Nation
as we prepare to choose
our new President.
May you look to Jesus to supply all your needs!

School Days


Pam said...

Thank you so much for dropping by, and for your prayers and good wishes. I truly believe that God's mercy has carried us through this, and will continue to. While it has been a trying time, it has brought to our family a new appreciation of each other and of being able to rely on God's grace.

On this rare morning home, I've really enjoyed catching up with everyone....we will be praying for your family, and your MIL as well.
Blessings and hugs,

Ticia said...

Yep we are starting in our homeschool year. 8th and 11th grades.
Oh yeah I need prayers.
But your comment on asking God for mercy on our nation got me thinking...
It will be a great morning starter for me and the kids to pray for our nation. Thanks for the inspiration, Leticia

Anonymous said...

Dear Monika,

What a treat - 100th post! I am so glad that you do share with all of us your thoughts.

I have enjoyed your blog since I stumbled into it :-)

Thank you for sharing your celebration with us!


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