Old Farmers Almanac

Sun Valley, Idaho, Lady Skier Looking over Town
Sun Valley, Idaho, Lady Skier Looking over Town

According to an article in regards to the Old Farmers Almanac, Global Cooling is coming, not Global warming. Not to worry though, they have a suggestion to help with the rise in fuel costs for this winter.....

So, in line with the weather and economy forecasts, the Almanac includes information on using wood for heat: the best wood, how to build a fire in a fireplace, whether to use a wood stove and how to stay warm
— all winter — with a single log.
Here's the secret, popularized in 1777: Throw a log out an upstairs window, dash down the stairs and outside, retrieve the log, dash upstairs, throw the log out the window and so on.
"Do that until you work up a sweat and you'll be warm all winter," said Stillman.

I had to share, it made me laugh. Not to worry, God is still in control no matter what terms the world gives to the weather patterns. I used to live in Northern California and watched a drought dry up Shasta Lake so far that Caverns deep in the Lake were being discovered. It was definitely a site to behold as we moved from Redding to Northern Idaho. Our last drive past the Lake in our Moving Van was a sobering moment. The Lake shores were deep down the banks with dry barren land exposed. I remember praying and asking God for mercy on the people, and went on with my life. The next spring we went back to move my in laws up near us and were shocked to see the Lake FULL again, in just one winter! We were listening to the radio while driving in and one of the commentators mentioned that God did have mercy on us...He dried up the Lake slowly with a drought so that we wouldn't be flooded out by the rains and snows of ONE Winter!

Blessings, Lady


Anonymous said...

Yes, He is in complete control!



HOPE said...

I found that quite funny myself! talk about using your resources!

I remember taking a family trip across the USA during the drought ...so sad as we watched river after river dried up...but Praise GOD he knows..

I'm excited if we are in Global Cooling...I can use the COLD weather where I live!
God bless..


Desert Pastor's wife said...

That was quite funny about running up and down the stairs to work up a sweat. You definitely wouldn't have to worry about what's going on in the world, would you?! :-D

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