Willing hearts need only apply them

I'm glad you are here!

  • If you choose not to surrender (and indecision is a choice not to surrender because there is no sitting on the fence) you will remain stuck in the mud of your own ways...drugs, sex, alcohol, anything to fill the void and stop the pain of depression, loneliness, and hopelesness.
  • If you have taken time to meet with Jesus and you have a willing heart to live your life for Him, we can keep walking.

I want to share the following letter with you that was written while in communion with God. It was a cry of my heart about 5 years ago, and remains the cry of my heart today.

Dear Jesus, (the Lover of my Soul)

I will trust only in the God who made me and cleansed me with His redeeming love, who poured out His blood for me, no matter the pain I endure for none compares to what you did for me. How can I explain such a love that some regard as worthless and choose to spit and trample upon. It is more precious to me than all else. When storms whirl all around me, I am still safe in Your arms, under the shadow of Your wings, where none can remove me from so tight a grip.

I pour out my worship to You my God, for you loved me before I ever knew You. How great a love is this that trancends all time, that can reach from eternity in to the depths of my heart. Although my arms hang low, and my heart aches, I find pleasure in communing with You. In Your presence is fulness of joy, and truly.....You are my portion!

Love with all my heart, mind and soul....me

Little did I know that God would take me at my word and give me opportunity after opportunity to live them!

I thought I might share this with those of you checking in from all parts of the world!

I'm glad you are here!

It still amazes me that the vocal majority of the world is against Jesus and yet in private they still sneak close to sit by the fire and warm themselves. May you find the strength through Gods word by the power of the Holy Spirit to shine brightly with His love, and live passionately in love with Jesus who died for you!



If you are still reading you might want to know the answer to ALL of life's questions, or at least some I have asked on this site.
Most people do, and it is sought in so many places as I have mentioned before.
If you are tired of looking for hope and peace and love through sex,
and drugs, and all the empty cruel things the world has to offer,
I give you the answer.....
Not the swear word that leaves your lips because life is just not what you expected, but the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Born in a manger, in a barn so many years ago. A little baby that grew to be a man, that would suffer on a cross, who hung between heaven and earth because

Why was that necessary?

Because of sin, disobedience to God's word

Why did God make Jesus do that?

God didn't make him do it, Jesus choose to

What do I have to do?

If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved.

What should I do now?

Pick up a Bible or read one online. Start in the book of John and read about the only one who loves you enough to die for you.

Then and only then will there be heart that begins to see the heart of God and the hope and peace that is offered for a life here on earth as well as in eternity in the presence of God.

Then and only then will there be a heart that is willing to give up the ways of the world and begin to want to please God Almighty and want to live as a woman...domestically inclined.


Exploration of the Heart

Ok time to explore the heart.
A heart and life of selflessness...who want's that?

...Certainly not those raised in a system that encourages self esteem.

  • The latest statistics have shown that doctors and felons "feel" good about themselves and what they do.

...Certainly not those who run after fame and fortune.

  • News reports warn of a college age generation that seeks popularity and fame by posting their party pics online so the world can see they are just like our most popular movie stars.

...Certainly not those indoctrinated in a pantheistic, new age, evolution touting liberal education system that gives hopeless people a lie to believe.

  • Statistics reveal American children at age 4-5 are the most inteligent in the world, and yet by the time they reach highschool they are rated among the lowest. Interestingly enough this begins at the point in time when children enter a humanistic system and leave thier home and parents and begin to question all authority.

...Certainly not those who want the latest toys, and time to travel and anything else "self" wants.

  • News reports of young men and women wanting to be sterilized so they can enjoy the good life without "little responsibilities" that are not even "eco-friendly"

...Certainly not those who don't beleive in absolute truth.

  • Contrary to "poplular" belief, your "relative truth" ends at the point someone elses "relative truth" begins.

YET, the world cries out for peace!

BUT, the world has no real peace to offer.

SO, how do these hearts deal with hoplessness?

Drugs, alchohol, sex, pornography.....any thing to fill the void inside.

YET, I give you a better way!

BUT, it won't happen in a "selfish" heart

SO, how do we get a change of heart?

Stay tuned or go to.....

Exploration of the Heart


Domestically Inclined

Domestically inclined....

A heart that is willing and eager to be content at home. The world holds no fascination to such a heart. A heart at peace within the walls that God has ordained it to inhabit; a contented heart such as this will be ridiculed by the world, because it will convict those without such a heart of what is true and right and holy... without even saying a word.

Seems like these are such old-fashioned notions that many a young woman faced with the crossroads of life would much rather choose the easier way in life of fame and self gratification. Yet God Himself has described a much more beautfiul and rewarding path.

The domestically inclined path of a woman brings much satisfaction.

  • Imagine running a home as efficiently as a five star hotel.
  • Imagine running a kitchen as artfully as one of the world's most famous chefs.
  • Imagine being a teacher for preschool to 12th grade and possibly even college.
  • Imagine doing all these things simultaneously everyday, and being able to drop it all at a moments notice to put on your Florence Nightingale hat to kiss the boo boo of the youngest pair of the most beautiful eyes in the house.
  • All this while barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!

Ok so this may not apeal to some....it does to me!

If it intrigues you, then keep reading.

If it doesn't........... why not?

We'll explore why not .....next time.

© Monika Hardy

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