Exploration of the Heart

Ok time to explore the heart.
A heart and life of selflessness...who want's that?

...Certainly not those raised in a system that encourages self esteem.

  • The latest statistics have shown that doctors and felons "feel" good about themselves and what they do.

...Certainly not those who run after fame and fortune.

  • News reports warn of a college age generation that seeks popularity and fame by posting their party pics online so the world can see they are just like our most popular movie stars.

...Certainly not those indoctrinated in a pantheistic, new age, evolution touting liberal education system that gives hopeless people a lie to believe.

  • Statistics reveal American children at age 4-5 are the most inteligent in the world, and yet by the time they reach highschool they are rated among the lowest. Interestingly enough this begins at the point in time when children enter a humanistic system and leave thier home and parents and begin to question all authority.

...Certainly not those who want the latest toys, and time to travel and anything else "self" wants.

  • News reports of young men and women wanting to be sterilized so they can enjoy the good life without "little responsibilities" that are not even "eco-friendly"

...Certainly not those who don't beleive in absolute truth.

  • Contrary to "poplular" belief, your "relative truth" ends at the point someone elses "relative truth" begins.

YET, the world cries out for peace!

BUT, the world has no real peace to offer.

SO, how do these hearts deal with hoplessness?

Drugs, alchohol, sex, pornography.....any thing to fill the void inside.

YET, I give you a better way!

BUT, it won't happen in a "selfish" heart

SO, how do we get a change of heart?

Stay tuned or go to.....

Exploration of the Heart

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