Willing hearts need only apply them

I'm glad you are here!

  • If you choose not to surrender (and indecision is a choice not to surrender because there is no sitting on the fence) you will remain stuck in the mud of your own ways...drugs, sex, alcohol, anything to fill the void and stop the pain of depression, loneliness, and hopelesness.
  • If you have taken time to meet with Jesus and you have a willing heart to live your life for Him, we can keep walking.

I want to share the following letter with you that was written while in communion with God. It was a cry of my heart about 5 years ago, and remains the cry of my heart today.

Dear Jesus, (the Lover of my Soul)

I will trust only in the God who made me and cleansed me with His redeeming love, who poured out His blood for me, no matter the pain I endure for none compares to what you did for me. How can I explain such a love that some regard as worthless and choose to spit and trample upon. It is more precious to me than all else. When storms whirl all around me, I am still safe in Your arms, under the shadow of Your wings, where none can remove me from so tight a grip.

I pour out my worship to You my God, for you loved me before I ever knew You. How great a love is this that trancends all time, that can reach from eternity in to the depths of my heart. Although my arms hang low, and my heart aches, I find pleasure in communing with You. In Your presence is fulness of joy, and truly.....You are my portion!

Love with all my heart, mind and soul....me

Little did I know that God would take me at my word and give me opportunity after opportunity to live them!

I thought I might share this with those of you checking in from all parts of the world!

I'm glad you are here!

It still amazes me that the vocal majority of the world is against Jesus and yet in private they still sneak close to sit by the fire and warm themselves. May you find the strength through Gods word by the power of the Holy Spirit to shine brightly with His love, and live passionately in love with Jesus who died for you!

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