Patience, Patience

Here it is already March! The last 8 months have flown by but this one is moving sooo slow. Ok so it's only the 5th and I am just being impatient. We are awaiting the arrival of our second grandchild!

Our Daughter in love has been preparing for the blessed event, and posted a few questions regarding this female motherly nesting act. Might you have something to share with her?
Need to go...mother in love needs help. Have a wonderful day with Jesus!

Grandma Ladybug


Sharon said...

So exciting! I hope to experience being a grandma one day.

Civilla said...

Thanks for coming to my blog. So, you speak German? I can't believe I remember it after all these years. I hope to one day see the place again!

HisBeloved said...

The babies and I had a great visit with you yesterday. And I laughed to read it's already hard to wait for the new baby. We got too spoiled the last time! Soon Omi he or she will be here...very soon. (No, that it's not a hint.)

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