"This made me think of you"

There is an email that is going around with the usual "feel" good dribble with empty platitudes.

Someone sent it to my inbox and the title said....This made me think of you. Grandma Ladybug's reply is as follows just in case such things make their way to your inbox....

THAT made you think of me??? It's New Age garbage. Perhaps you do not know me. Perhaps you did not see the deception in the "feel" good phsycobable of the slide show you sent to my inbox and only meant to send "uplifting thoughts" my way.

This Ladybug thinks of Jesus and the truth of the Bible and Heaven and how soon Jesus will be coming to take me away to a home He has prepared for me to live with Him for eternity!
This Ladybug thinks of the people on earth that think thoughts like mine are foolishness, but without Jesus in their heart they cannot know any other way than the path to hell they are headed on, without turning to Jesus.

This Ladybug thinks to pray for their salvation before my head hits the pillow at night.
This Ladybug thinks it is sad that years of indoctrination into the ways of eastern religions and psychology and self esteem have blinded souls to the truth of God's word. It is rediculous that the enemy of our souls has deceived so many into believing in "faith" instead of "faith in what Jesus did on the cross"; in "believe" instead of believing in Jesus and the finished work of the cross.

Deception is a nasty thing. The only way to guard your heart against such a thing is to be armed with the truth...so please read your Bible and hide that truth in your heart. It is a matter of great importance.

If you are not saved it is a matter of where your soul will spend eternity.

If you are saved and cannot see the difference, than it is a matter of learning God's way and becoming more like Him....by reading His word, and washing our mind and lives of the filth of this world.

May God open our eyes to the truth and guard our hearts from deception.

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.
Revelation 20:10

Is it soup yet?

Love and prayers,
Grandma Ladybug

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Civilla said...

Wow! Great reply! Inspired!

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