Friday's Father's Day Find

I miss both my dad's. I am standing on the promises of God's faithfulness that they are both in heaven and that I will see them again one day soon! Just waiting on the Rapture to see all THREE of my dad's! This will be the first Father's Day with three generations of Dad's in the house thanks to the new baby granddaughter.

I was doing some quick browsing and came across a beautifully written post in honor Father's Day that says many of the same things that are on my heart...

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Pam said...

I missed my Dad on Father's Day, too. It was a very busy day, though- we celebrated my daughter's birthday, as well as her son's, our first grandson's ninth birthday, and Father's Day for our son-in-law and my husband.
It took a long time for me to look past my own hurt, and understand that Daddy is safe, and that our Father is with us each and every day, and what a beautiful blessing that is.
I hope your week is a great one-

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