Stay Home Vacation

Ah the joys of summer...
knee pain
tooth pain
tooth pulling pain
family in the hospital (please pray for salvation and healing)
Just doesn't sound like fun does it?

Ok there was another side...

A stay at home vacation!

Mom spent the weekend at "The Club" as she calls it, and had a great time! It was our first weekend without her since last September since she came to live with us.
Hubby and I did some of the things we have been wanting to do and get done, and have fun as well! We made it out to breakfast, and to the Farmers Market, where my wonderful Honey found some beautiful flowers and bought them for me, as a gift on our 27th wedding anniversary. What a delight to walk around the Farmers Market with a gorgeous boquet of flowers. I am hoping to get some time to try to draw and paint them before they wither. I'll be able to use my "new" painting easel that we found on our Thrift store excursion.

We also popped out the door early one morning, because we could!...and splurged on a Mc Donalds Iced Latte. The weather had cooled just for our weekend,and it was so nice to enjoy the front porch. It was hard not to get some work done with it all around us so we took care of some of the repairs that needed to be done.

We never made it to the movie theater that was on our list. We origianlly wanted to go to get out of the heat, but since it had cooled off there really wasn't any need for it, and we didn't really see anything decent playing anyway. We did have some more creative things in mind to accomplish, so I had time to paint...the easel to make it look better as well as a base coat for some wooden items I had found and would like to decorate.
I also made it to the Library to get a few books on embroidery stitches, as I am working on some items for Christmas already. Hubby was able to play guitar, and read, as well as a few other items on his list.

It was good to have the time to recooperate from the tooth pulling, and have some time together. What a great decision to stay home, instead of traveling and coming home exhausted and needing time off before going back to work! We were even able to watch our church services online. What a blessing to sit out on the front porch and listen to the Word of God on a cool "vacation day" morning, for the heart takes no vacation from Jesus!

Yesterday while my dear Hubby took care of mom's rental needs, I had a chance to go to "The Club" with her. I was invited to play my guitar, ok my Honey's guitar, and sing for the residents.
What a blessing it was to be there! Just to share the love of Jesus with them in song and in word, and in deed is such a pleasure. As always there are some who are not "comfortable" with, or "offended" by the word of God, but to be ready in season is wonderful, and to see the smiles and tears of others as they listened brings this heart joy.

© Monika Hardy

1 comment:

Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful post!! :)
Happy 27th Anniversary!
The Lord is good... may He
bless you both in the coming years!

Love~ Miss Jen

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