Rebuked by a 90 year old!

I guess yesterday was my Blogaversary...and I didn't even notice it.
Thanks to Teena in Toronto for noticing and sending on a comment.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a special weekend of prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighty, wonderful Counselor, who brought the Seperatists and Puritans to this land so many years ago so they could worship the true and living God free from persecution. How ironic it is that times have changed is it not? What a wondeful time to seek the Lord while He may be found!

I was at the "Club" as mom calls it...the Assited Living home for Alzheimers patients and led them in worship of our Savior and read to them from the book of Hebrews. Relating the fact that those in the Hall of Faith of Hebrews walked in faith and trusted God with their lives and their example was written down for us through the ages as an example for us to follow!

I had such a wonderful time with them as we sang and they shared what they were thankful for.

After our time was over, a 90 year old man came up to me to thank me for the beautiful time of worship he and his wife were able to share. Then he quickly rebuked me for not coming to one of the other homes in the area for the past year while his wife resided there! He said he phoned many of the area churches and asked for a worship service, and throughly rebuked me for not using my talents for the Lord this past year, and then asked me where I had been.

I shared with him that I was at home caring for my Mother In Law with Alzeimers, and that she is now here at this home and I now have more time to come in and share. He quickly excused me for my absence this past year elsewhere and told me that this particular day was their 70th wedding anniversary! I shared with him what an awesome accomplishment that was and must take the power of God, and that our 27 years pale in comparison!

Have you been using the talents God has given you to share the good news of Jesus Christ lately?

© Monika Hardy


Elena said...

I am thankful to you for reminding me to share of myself towards others in Jesus's name :)

I have been reading your many posts and am hooked....I shall return for more wisdom indeed!

I had a lovely visit...thank you :)

Miss Jen said...

Thank you for sharing this
beautiful story!

Happy Blog Anniversary to you!!!

Love in Jesus~ Miss Jen

Conny said...

wow - what an experience you had - and what a blessing to minister to the elderly. My children's school (private, Christian school) takes the kids once a month to the nursing home - and I am SO GLAD my kids can minister in a small way by singing & just saying HELLO to the residents. Thanks for the reminder - from you & from a 90 year old man.

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