There are few joys in life compared to having a grandchild.
Raising sons was wonderful, enjoying Grand daughters is delightful,
and now God has blessed us with a tiny little man child of a Grandson!
Ok, so maybe not so little at 9lbs 11ozs! All in all, the experience is so wonderful.

He brings pride and joy to the family, and it is so precious
to see his older sisters so gently pouring love out on him.
Nathanael Bradford Hardy,
named partly in honor of his Grandfather "Bradford"

is a little man who seems to have been here all along.
Wrapped in any blanket in the home that is NOT pink,
gently napping in the sunshine, and accepting all sorts of hugs and kisses.

Jesus loves you little one, sleep tight.

© Monika Hardy

1 comment:

Toyin O. said...

I am sure your grandchild adores yoo too. Grannys are fun!


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