Wordy Wednesday

It may not look like it but Spring really is here according to the calendar. I've enjoyed the winter, but am so ready for spring to bring the earth back to life again. I miss seeing another color besides white everywhere. Ok, so maybe I've seen a bit of brown recently but I'm looking forward to green and all the pretty flowers colors to go with it, and a sky that is as blue as my husbands eyes, instead of the dreary gray sky that has been hanging around here. 
What have I been up to?
Spring cleaning, trying to gather up all those dust bunnies that have hidden behind doors and under furniture in the dark dreary days of winter. 
In the kitchen?
Working on organizing all the "stuff" on the counters and rearranging the few pieces of furniture in the kitchen.
Special projects?
Indoor seedlings have sprung forth to make me happy. Just a bit of green against the dirty brown dirt makes this heart happy. I've also been up to a bit of sewing in the craft room after Dear Honey brought home some shelves...yay!
What have I been reading?
Revelation and writing up my notes on the Devotions page. Also re-reading 
Seven messages given at the "Keswick" Conventions in New Zealand
What is going on in the heart?
Many ponderings like Mary. Some about Jesus and how wonderful He is, some about the sufferings around the world that I know God is in control of but sometimes I think that self can help Him. He reminds me to pray and be faithful and continue to trust my Jesus with everything.
Like I said, rain and more rain! BUT, I am reminded... all sunshine and no rain makes a desert!

© Monika Hardy

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