Spring! I think

Spring has sprung! I think. I hope I didn't miss Spring last week on the one day the temp rose above 60 degrees. At least I was able to pant some seeds and a few plants that were getting leggy just sitting indoors waiting for some sun.

There is the hope of renewed warmth at the end of the week. I missed the local Farmers Market this past weekend, as I was enjoying my grandchildren! Good reason to miss the Market. I will be looking for some chocolate mint the next time I make it to the Market. The chocolate mint makes the most wonderful tea.

After the weekend of rain I see the little sprouts popping up already
Loose leaf lettuce
Tom Thumb Lettuce

Even the peas I planted a month ago finally sprouted now that the temps have gone up a bit.

But as every good or bad gardener knows...the weeds grow the fastest!
I don't want to use any chemicals so there will be much pulling of weeds in my future.
Thankfully I've found that on a warm afternoon, a bottle of vinegar can kill the toughest of weeds!
Just don't use it on the lawn, or it will soon be a two toned lawn...you don't want to know :)

So on the agenda...
In the Laundry room...loads to wash and hang in the warm breeze today
In the Kitchen...A fridge to clean and pots to polish, and plants to keep alive until we reach some warmer temps.
What I am reading...A book my son and Daughter in law gave me for Mother's Day...Verses of Virtue by Beall Phillips. I just love poetry and especially poetry that focuses your mind on what is pure and good and lovely and of all things of virtue!
In my heart...Thankful for answered prayer, restoration, healing, and a future of Hope!
In the craft room....a wonderful way to help others right now on a link from my Daughter in law, to help those in Alabama and other states that have been hit hard by tornadoes...
Sewing Love
During the week...Time with some friends and hospitality

May your week be filled with sunshine and the Son of God!

© Monika Hardy

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