Homeschool Science Project

Just watched a Video on making Bio Plastic and thought it would be great for a homeschool science project!
To make it easy I wrote out the recipe from the Video.
(Video Link Below)

Materials needed for Bio Plastic Video 
Silicone spatula
Silicone pad or aluminum foil

4 Tbls Water
1Tbls corn starch or tapioca starch
1 tsp Glycerin (used in making soaps)
1 tsp Vinegar

Place all ingredients in to pot mix all ingredients thoroughly then turn on heat stir constantly
(entire process takes only a few minutes)
Will turn thick then to an opaque gel
when clearer and bubbly it is done, but keep stirring and turn off heatp
Pour out onto silicone pad or aluminum foil or into molds

Experimental options 
pour liquid plastic over gauze
add coloring (not sure what kind would work...experiment)
make a key chain

Homemade Plastic Video

Some helpful hint comments from video comments...
Glycerin+vinegar can be replaced with vegetable oil (very little, 2-3 drops per a tablespoon of starch, serves as a plasticizer). In that case starch and water are better to be equal volume (if you're not sure about that, add a bit more water, most important is no excess starch after heating).

© Monika Hardy

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