Fall has arrived!

Fall has arrived and school is on the brain! Time to crack open books and dig deep. Of course my favorite book to dig into is the Bible. There is so much buried treasure in the Bible just awaiting discovery. 
I began attending a Ladies Hebrew study recently and it is so wonderful to get into what is considered "meat and potatoes" in the Bible. The first four verses of chapter one of the book of Hebrews is filled with an endless amount of doctrinal importance. 
Doctrine seems to have been set aside in recent years for the purpose of gaining more "practical" application of these weightier issues. However, it is important to understand that they go hand in hand. I suppose it is the old nature that just wants to get the rules down first so we can figure out how to get around them. 
Practically applying doctrinal issues to one's life is important. Case in point, I was just searching my blog for an old Pumpkin Biscotti recipe I knew I had posted on my blog years earlier. I rejoiced over  finding the recipe but had I stopped there, being happy to have the knowledge in my possession, friends and family would not enjoy the benefit of the finished product. It is one thing to share a recipe, or knowledge, but another to share a batch of  Pumpkin Biscotti, or application of that knowledge. 
I can only share my knowledge online, but I can apply it in my life to those around me, and you are able to do the same to those around you. What if we all decided to dig deep for Doctrinal truths and  share them? It's not that difficult, just open the Bible and read to learn. The world be a better place, and we could all be enjoying Pumpkin Biscotti!  

© Monika Hardy

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Conny said...

What a wonderful picture of applied doctrine through sharing a biscotti!!! Now that is PRACTICAL preaching. ;)

Have a great week, Monika!!

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