The King is coming!

We all have 24 hours in our day to spend usually as we see fit as we live in a free country so far. But what is it that will define the years and months and days, down to the minutes and seconds when they are all tallied?

As followers of Jesus we all have different callings and that takes us on paths that will differ from others. However when the trumpet sounds, and we are called up younder, what is it that we will be found doing? What is it that will take up the biggest slice of the pie of your life?

This is not a discussion of works verses faith as we should know that we can show our faith by our works, so what are our hearts set upon as we walk through these numbered days on earth? And of course these things in and of themselves are not a sin, but just what do we as God's children find ourselves doing?

Will it be sleep?

Will it be prayer?

Will it be watching tv?

Will it be whining?

Will it be watching sports?

Perhaps participating in sports?

Perhaps sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Fill in your own blank........_____________

Where our treasure is there will our hearts be also Matthew 6:21

When Jesus returns, what will you be found doing?

Jesus is coming soon to an Earth near you!


The Southern Housewife said...

Hmmmm...how thought provoking! I hope to be having fun while living and loving in the way He wants me to be.

Miss Jen said...

Very thought provoking indeed!!
I was just actually thinking about this today.
How important it is to be diligently serving Christ with every moment He gives us till we die or He returns. How I would love to be witnessing to others about Him when he returns...that would be wonderful! Thank you for the thought stimulating post!!

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen

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