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Did you watch the Inaguaral Ceremonies? Did you happen to recognize the rendition played by the Quartet? When the Coronet player comes in the melody is much clearer, and am I wrong or is it the song that goes something like...

All hail the Savior Christ and King....Hallelujah?

Watch again and let me know your thoughts.

Inaugural Ceremony

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Miss Jen said...

Oh my, I did not notice that part of the song when I watched the Inaguration, I will have to watch it again! ;)

I just found your lovely blog through (Mia's) Aspiring- Homemaker and it seems we like many of the same things. I just loved your profile description......

"No one of consequence, just passing through this world as a sojourner. I am on my way home to heaven one day, and hoping to point others to Jesus along the way."

.....that was truly beautiful and it is indeed my prayer as well. What a joy it is to meet a sister-in-Christ who is domestically inclined!

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen~ www.blessedfemina.blogspot.com

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