Birthday Drive

My dear Husband took me for a drive last week for my Birthday. Along the way we found a dear just watching us by the side of the road....he decided to leave when he was good and ready.

The sky was just beautiful!

Along the drive we found the Golf Course Club House and stopped in for a Mexican lunch, Yum!

Everything was so green.
And of course these were waiting for me at home!

All in all it was a lovely day, as the grandbabies brought their parents over that night for a bbq as well on their first free time since back from vacation, and then we "celebrated" my birthday last Saturday with a bbq, as I received a gift for a birthday meal at a local German Restaraunt for Sunday Dinner. So my Birthday "week" was quite eventful, and wunderbar!

© Monika Hardy


Lori said...

Well it sure sounds like you had one sweet birthday! :) I have learned through the years that life's simple pleasure are absolutely the most precious. And there's nothing like family to make life special. :)
God bless you...so glad HE's given you another birthday to celebrate with those you love. God is good. :)
**And it makes my day brighter whenever I see you've posted something new on your blog! :)

Domestically Inclined said...

awwwh Lori, you are such a blessing of encouragement yes, the simple things are the best...and...you make me blush :)
you are sooo sweet!

HOPE said...


good Mexican meal..yummy ...and you had a camera handy! True blogger!!

Lovely flowers...

and great scenery...

and G'kids...

What a great Birthday!



Conny said...

I'm partial to German good, of course, but that Mexican meal sounds YUMMY too!! :) Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

ehart said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Glad it was such a wonderful one!

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