Divine Protection

Well it's like this. Mom in law lives with us and since we have a gas stove it is also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide monitor. I was told to take the nobs off of the stove at night just in case she came in the kitchen at night and turned them. We also use a gate to remind her to go the other way at night to go back to bed. All those saftey precautions in place and it's me that trips the monitor!

I was saying good bye to Brad this morning as he was getting his motorcycle ready for work. It was a cooler morning than it has been so I left the back door open. I saw the cool breeze blowing the curtain in. Since I knew the day was to be warmer I left the door open. After my husband left, I went back in. I instantly smelled the exhaust! So I went to open all the doors and windows, but by this time the monitor was beeping loudly and my first thought was... oh no it's going to wake mom. She was safe with her door closed and farther away, so I turned on all the fans and by this time was getting dizzy. That THING was still beeping and I just knew it was going to wake her up, so I went back in the kitchen to get some towels and rubber bands to cover the THING. Now I am dizzy and my heart is acting funny. Oh no, get out now! Went to the front door, and breathed in fresh air. If I pass out here the neighbors will see me.That THING is still beeping. I better get the phone, and mom out of bed...wait...it's stopped. I knew mom was alright all along thanks to the baby monitor...I could hear her snoring deeply as usual in the morning. But as soon as all the comotion and noise was over she walks out of her room and asks what all the noise is about and why it's so cold in here. I tell her it was me and everything is fine, and she looks at me funny and goes back to bed. :) After that I took her to day care.

Ok, now that my brain is thinking with oxygen I can see that this carbon monoxide stuff is more dangerous than I ever would have thought. Especially with my allergies to chemicals. No problems yet, but it sometimes take up to 24 hours for symptoms to appear, apart from a headache I feel fine. For now all is queit on the Northern front, and I think I should keep the door closed while the motorcycyle is warming up. Praise God for His tender loving care, and divine protection!

© Monika Hardy


Marsha said...

Wow. How scary. Get yourself some powered buffered vitamin C as soon as you can and take it two or three times a day for a couple days. It will help you to detox from this.

HOPE said...

So happy to know you are okay....


Lynn said...

Boy, who's have thought that motorcycle exhaust could be so dangerous?
I had to stop by, btw, because I love the name of your blog! I saw a comment you left on someone else's (I think Lori's), and thought, "hmm, domestically inclined, I must meet her!" It's good to meet you :)

Miss Jen said...

Praise the Lord!!
So happy you are ok!!

Many Blessings~ Jen

Conny said...

wow, glad God protected you - and your MIL....take it easy!

ehart said...

What a wonderful testimony to the Greatness of God!

Glad everything turned out fine.

marybeth said...

It's good to know you're okay Love the new look. have a blessed day. hugs

Domestically Inclined said...

Amen, yes God is good! Thanks you all for the kind words. I ended up with a migraine that night, but was fine by the morning. Mom was fine as she spent the day at day care.

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