One thing at a time

The sun was up and out early yesterday shining in through the kitchen windows and door, and I could see all the winter crud everywhere! Thankfully when this happens there is something inside of me that goes off.....
Most sane people I think would be outside enjoying the sunshine, but not me. I grab my cleaner and cloths and go to it! Scrubbing and buffing and sweeping and polishing.
It is such a reward now to walk in the kitchen and see a shiny counter top and clean floors even in the corners. Knowing that the corners are clean and the fridge has been cleaned out and the tea pot shines. Now if I can only catch up on more than a year of shoving things in drawers because of lack of time while caring form mom with Alzheimer's.
One thing at a time...sweet Jesus!

© Monika Hardy


Conny said...

spoken like a true Hausfrau!

Anonymous said...

I find that when my house is in order, then I feel ready to tackle other projects. There's something about spring that makes us want to freshen up our homes!

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