Young Ladies and Gentlemen

While going through the Proverbs 31 Study this month it has been such a blessing to see other young ladies taking up the torch of living a Biblical life without regard to the current culture. This may make our lives seem old fashioned, but I for one am so delighted to see it lived out in godly young ladies that are learning to serve their future husbands and families, by serving their Dad's and Mom's and family right now.

These young ladies are taking the time now, to learn skills that will help them in their future life no matter where God takes them. As Hisbeloved shared this past week a godly wife serves her husband ALL the days of her life. This implies the young woman has time to prepare for her role as wife by learning skills and preparing her heart before her God BEFORE she is married. This must seem like an incredible oddity to you if you happen upon this post and are living a life encouraged by the culture in which we live. But don't despair! Turn around and begin to walk with Jesus in His direction for your life. Seek him while He may be found, right now! Bow your heart and head, and surrender to the coming King.
Begin to shine the light of Jesus love in your life so that others may see Him instead of your SELF. We ladies are not lost in a man's world, we live in the order that God intended as helpers to our husbands as we care for him and manage his house and make it a home, as well as train his children in the ways of God. That is a tall order. We are not "bon bon eating, tv watching busybodies", no, we are concerned with the ways of our household, involved in the training of Young Ladies and Young Gentlemen.

What a joy it is to be a grandmother now, and see this begin all over again. I am also so delighted when I am doing my errands around town and a young man offers to get the door for me. I wish I could phone the Momma's of these young men and congratulate them on a job well done...but, a better reward will be waiting for them in heaven!

Would you like to see some of this in action with actual teenagers? Yes even some teenagers listen to the voice of God and obey Him and their parent's.
Take a peek at ...
A Country Diary of a 21st Century Lady

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Conny said...

Oh, what an encouragement! I tend to get distracted by the worldliness I see in young people all around me. It is so discouraging - even to see the kids at church sometimes attempt to follow the world more than the godly standards and principles we are teaching there. BUT I forget to see the teenagers and young people who ARE doing what is right!!! Praise the Lord for these gentlement and ladies - and praying my children will be among them!

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