I ventured out into uncharted territory for myself awhile back and attempted to make fresh Homemade Yogurt While it was not a success I was still hoping to try my hand at it again. It's been a busy time and I haven't tried to make another batch yet but wanted to have some yogurt in the house. For one reason, I wanted to enjoy some, and another to have a good quality yogurt on hand to use as a starter. Well I bought a few different brands hoping to find something I would like best...and did I ever. I found a brand I had never noticed before, and I have definitely found the bend mark of yogurts! It's called ZOI!It's Greek style yogurt that is thicker than other yogurts. It's kind of like what I tried in Germany which the Germans called Quark.
I picked the Zoi yogurt with honey, although it comes in plain and fruit flavors, and think is even better than Ice Cream and much better for you!
You have got to try to believe it!

© Monika Hardy

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ChaChaneen said...

I lurve Greek yogurt too! It has that tangy flavor that regular yogurt doesn't have. Good luck!

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