Update on Homemade Yogurt

An update on my recent
Homemade Yogurt Post.
Well I have to say my first attempt at making home made Yogurt failed!
I used a Yogourmet freeze dried culture, but I forgot to check the freshness date, and it was too old. To top things off, I knocked the thermometer off the kitchen counter and it broke. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to try my hand at this again. However after buying a store bought yogurt I actually tasted the cornstarch in it. Since going to simpler whole organic foods it is amazing what your taste buds can detect so I do plan on buying another thermometer and give this another try. Has anyone else tried their hand at making yogurt and are there any tips you might have for this novice?

I came across another helpful link....
The Golden Spoonful has a wonderful site, with lots of help for making yogurt, yogurt cheese, and Ice Cream!

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Use plain yogurt from the store. As long as the label says, "Contains Live Active Cultures" it will work. Stonyfield Organic, or even Horizon yogurt works well for us. I've never had to use a regualar yogurt maker; the old pot method works great for me.

Domestically Inclined said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I loved your site!

dee said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your next attempt.
Hubby spends up to $14 a week on yogurt & I'd love to lower that by a lot!

Jo said...

I agree with the advice to use live yoghurt from the supermarket - that's what I've always done and it always seems to work. I blogged my first attempt at it on my old blog (http://homesteadblogger.com/bytherailwayline/143981/) if you're interested. Hope you have better success next time.

Best wishes,

Domestically Inclined said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I am looking forward to trying again myself, but have a busy week and may not get to as soon as I would like. But I will shout it from the roof tops when it works out! I agree on the price! phew...it is expensive even from the the discount store compared to making your own.

Mrs. Q said...

I make yogurt with the crock pot & I think it's really easy this way. I get Mountain High Yoghurt (plain) to use as my starter yogurt.

1) Put 8 cups of WHOLE milk in the crock pot (of course you can't use ULTRApasteurized, as you know--I use just "pasteurized").
2) Put the lid on & turn the crock pot on low for 2 1/2 hours.
3)Turn the crock pot off & let sit for 3 hours (w/ lid on).
4) Take one cup of the milk out of the crock pot & put it in a mixing bowl (I just leave it in my glass 2 cup measuring cup).
5) Now get out 1/2 cup of your store bought yogurt (or homemade yogurt from a previous batch) & stir it into the 1 cup of milk you just took out.
6) Add this milk/yogurt mixture back to your milk in the crock pot & stir.
7) Put a big, heavy towel on top of your crock pot & leave it there over night. In the morning, you have yogurt!

I hope this helps. I have always had success with this. Just remember that homemade yogurt will always be a bit thinner than store bought yogurt.

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