On this day in History...David Brainerd,

photograph taken May 2010 Monika Hardy

Christ Church, the Mother Church of Georgia, was the first house of worship
established with the founding of Georgia in 1733.
Early Rectors included John Wesley who began the earliest form
of Sunday School and published the first Hymnal in the Colonies,
and the George Whitefield founder of the Bethesda Orphanage.

June 12, 1744:

David Brainerd,
missionary to the New England Indians, is ordained by the Presbyterian Church. Within the next three years, he enjoyed success in his missionary efforts, but he died of tuberculosis at age 29. Jonathan Edwards preached the funeral sermon and published the diary which David had kept. David Brainerd was a contemporary with John Wesley and George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards during what was known as the period of American History called the "Great Awakening."

© Monika Hardy

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