Plant and Pray

Not much to look at here, just dirt so far....
I am sure many of you are enjoying one stage or another of planting season. Here in the Northwest we have been having a very wet, cool time. Ok, so technically it is not Spring yet, but it's hard not to be playing in the dirt. Mother's Day weekend is usually the time we start planting around here, but due to our vacation a few weeks ago I did not have my seeds planted until we got home. The seedlings are stretching awfully hard to reach the filtered sunlight and are becoming very leggy in just a few weeks time. However, they will just have to wait until we get some time on the weekend to get some dirt for our new raised garden bed. I guess all in all, it's all going to work out fine, unless we get a cold early Fall which will shorten the growing season. But, sow sparingly, and we will reap sparingly, so we are going for it.
I also started some out door cool weather container gardening of Butter crunch Lettuce and Salad Mix, and Green Leaf Lettuce, along with some herbs (Which aren't doing to well in this cool, wet weather) and I just planted the Ever bearing strawberry plants that came in the mail yesterday. I did use an old ladder to hold up the pea pods when they finally decide to sprout.
I tried to gather all the info, read the Farmers Almanac articles on planting by the cycles of the moon, tried to plant seeds early, tried to buy local strawberries, but alas all my plans failed.
Guess God just wants me to remember to Plant and Pray and Trust Him!
Happy Gardening, and trusting in God!

© Monika Hardy

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