As the year comes to an end....

Count your blessings...one by one
Whatever is true...think on these things
Whatever is pure...think on these things
Whatever is lovely...think on these things
Guard your heart diligently...for what goes in ...comes out
Put others first
Respect your elders
Serve willingly
Love fervently
Be a friend if you want a friend
Give till it hurts
Love the unlovable
Delight in the Lord
Trust in the Lord
Stretch your hand out to the poor
Open your mouth with wisdom
Reverence God
Do everything as unto the Lord
Do not even look upon wine for it is a mocker
Do not lie
Honor your father and your mother
Get understanding
Sing praises with understanding
Consider the ant
Pray all the time
Grandchildren are the crown of the aged
The wise accept rebuke
The foolish speak arrogantly
A friend loves at all times

© Monika Hardy


Mrs. Q said...

I agree we need to be careful with our thoughts, as the Scriptures say. There is a lot to worry about these days, and we must keep our focus on the Lord.

Anonymous said...

When we become distracted by things and not focus on the Lord we miss the path in which we are to walk.

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