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The sun streams in the window this cold January morning, after a dark and snowy trend. The sunlight illuminates the dust on the wooden floors that we put in the home a few years ago. Off to sweep them soon, then clean with a solution of organic cleaner...

  • One cup warm water
  • One cup white vinegar
  • One squirt of dish washing detergent

Shake in the spray bottle, spray in small sections on the floor and scrub with a long floor push type cleaner

Let dry, and buff with a clean dry push type cleaner

As vinegar to the teeth,

and as smoke to the eyes,

so is the sluggard to them that send him.

Proverbs 10:26

Organizing comes to mind when the New Year comes to mind. The year ahead is always filled with plans, and when my surroundings and schedule are organized I can enjoy the duties at hand. Little things can sometimes irritate us when our plans are interrupted, but if we look at these moments as ways for God to direct our steps it is easier to be more flexible. For you just never know when you might meet an angel in disguise. Be on the look out for those in need who cross your path.

In the Kitchen: Begin sharing all unneeded supplies with others. Organize for kitchen sake to make cooking for the family easier, healthier and fun. Toss out all the sugar from the holidays.

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