Lacto Fermented Cabbage Relish

 Lacto Fermentation

I went to the store the other day and saw such a beautiful display of cabbage in the grocery store that I had to praise the produce people for doing such a fine job!
Of course I had to pick up a head and bring it home. 
Unfortunately the smell of cooking cabbage disagrees with my husband 
so I thought I would try my hand at lacto fermentation! 
It turned out nice with out that sauerkraut taste, but more 
coleslaw like texture. 
(Even though I'm of German descent, I don't care for sauerkraut)

Basically mixed veggies in a jar with spices,
2tbls salt per quart jar, 4 tbls per 1/2 gallon jar, and fill with distilled water to completely cover.
I use the 2 quart/half gallon jar to use up more vertical space in the fridge. 
Place all ingredients in the jar and let stand on the kitchen counter for 2-5 days,
gently shaking each day to distribute spices,
and then place in the refrigerator. 
The fermentation creates a food filled with beneficial lactic acid, and digestive enzymes.  

A wonderful way to keep the flavor of harvest alive in winter!

You can mix and match the veggies, or layer them, 
as well as choose from many spices. 

Possible veggie list
Red, Green, or White Onions
Green, Red, or Yellow Peppers
 Lima Beans

Possible Spice list
Mustard Seed
Chili Peppers
 Celery Seed

Other Possible Additives
A tablespoon of ....
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
Whey (The liquid that forms at the top of yogurt,
this helps begin the fermentation process)

Be creative! Experiment! 
Keep in mind, if you are not used to pro biotics in your diet, 
go easy on lacto fermented foods at first, until your system gets used to them.

This is not a government approved method. 

We need to educate ourselves, and be responsible for our own food choices.
The US government has their own suggestions
National Center for Home Food Preservation

© Monika Hardy

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