Independence Day was wonderful in the Northwest. Felt guilty for the beautiful weather since most of the United States were under such oppressive heat, and many without electricity. We did take time to ask God for His mercy on all ya'all's behalf, and thanked Him for all His blessings on this Nation, and asked for His care on our military and their families.

The day started out cold, with an overnight low of 46, but not to worry, we will be joining the ranks of the overheated by the weekend when the temps get into the 90's! Now that is summertime for us! We spent some time getting some odd jobs done around the house after a "Hardy" breakfast of spuds 'n fried eggs. Around lunch time we were gathering all our things for a bbq on the front porch and we were treated to the annual traffic jam in front of our home from all the cars leaving the downtown parade. We had such a nice time waving to all the passersby as they drove or walked past, as we sipped our iced tea and ate our first hot dogs in many years! Conversations were short but sweet as the townspeople went on their merry way. Downtown is still like a Norman Rockwell painting at times. 

After taking a nap and packing food for a bbq at a friends, we ventured out to a friends home. It was a day to celebrate so we enjoyed fired chicken with all the trimmings and cheesecake! We had a lovely time visiting with friends and church family, and ran into some old friends on our way home. We made it home before being blocked out of our driveway by those parking to make it to the fireworks that night. Turns out the city changed things, and no one was parked on our street this year. So we watched Capital Fourth, with all the fireworks on the Washington DC Mall, and then got bundled up with blankets and hot tea to watch the fireworks from the Lake, while we were all cozy on our front porch. Through the years the trees have grown taller so our view is now somewhat hampered, but the fireworks are still beautiful and we are still close enough to feel the thump in our chest when the fireworks are launched. 

Again we enjoyed watching the people make their way home, and watched the neighbors set off their fireworks. While we enjoyed the beauty of the lights, it did remind us all those who have sacrificed so much for this Nation in war. As I drifted off in deep thought of these matters, speaking and listening in my heart to God I asked Him one more thing. You see, we have been eating REAL food for many years now due to allergies, and after celebrating with so many store bought foods filled with chemicals and preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, not to mention genetically modified foods, ok I mentioned it......I wasn't feeling to well. Still not feeling 100% but it's my own fault. Thank God for His mercy! :)

© Monika Hardy

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Conny said...

glad you and your family had such a happy 4th !!! after days on end of 100+ weather here in middle America, I sure am missing the Pacific NW (We only lived there 2 years - but I don't think we were ever HOT once during that time - ha!). :)

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