Amazing Coincidence!

Yes, I know this is a strange sort of post. One written to an individual. I tried to post a reply to the article but there was no way to leave comments, so I began to email and realized this would make a wonderful story to tell.

Dear Lady Lydia,

You recently left a comment on my blog, Domestically Inclined, and I went to your site today to catch up with you. Much to my pleasant surprise I read "The Sleeper". I had to laugh out loud considering the possibility of two such wonderful young men alive in our lives at the same time. My son also turned 25 this year on Feb.4th. I call him Stevie and he has married a tiny little wife, who says she feels like she is in the land of giants at our home and she the Lilliputian. It's cute to watch her feet dangle from the chairs like a little girl's. These two just had our first little grandchild. Had I had time I might of thought of posting a poem and a similar picture for our Stevie's 25th, but he does read my posts, and the week of the birthday which marked a quarter of a century for him, we were busy welcoming their first child into the world. So thank you for the visit and the laughs, and the uncanny resemblence to our sons situation.
Best Regards,
Domestically Inclined

Altough to you my Stevie, for your 25th, celebrated in a hopsital room/rooms/hallway/ but for a very good cause...

May you make it through tax season Mr. CPA,
to praise God another day.

As you trust in the Lord to care for your new family,
Jesus will hold you all tight and oh so tenderly.

Look to Him for all your needs,
and He will direct your path.
Your wife who loves you dearly will be waiting
to serve your dinner after a long day of math.

Your little one will smile and coo
as she hears your voice and looks up to you.

Your dad and I are proud to say you are our son,
and trust God to keep you in His care.
For none other can love you more
than the One who knows the number of your hairs.

Especially since you might lose a few during tax season :)

PS: Dear Daughter in law you and baby girl are welcome anytime!... Of course you are as well Stevie. Love you and congrats to you both on the new little one!
Link to "The Sleeper"


LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

ha ha!! I can't figure out why you couldn't leave a post. It is there somewhere and I did get a few comments. However it is best you post here as your blog headlines do it much more justices than a comment on someone else's page. I wasn't able to continue my poem long enough to mention that my Stevie loves the Bible and leads singing at church every Lord's Day. He has no wife but she is going to have to be someone who knows how to wash camo and put away poles and rifles and construction tools. I hope she likes brocoli, too.

Keep writing poetry. I have an entire poetry blog where I write the nuttiest poems, but it is not open to the public yet.

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