It's the little things in life...

A list of the little things in life...

1. A grandbaby's smile.

2. The smell of coffee brewing.

3. The cool breeze on your face.

4. The taste of a good cup of tea.

5. Just the right Psalm to minister to the soul.

6. Sunlight streaming in the windows on a winter day.

7. The voice of my Beloved calling.

8. A phone call from a friend.

9. The laughter of little ones.

10. Moments of silence.

11. The sight and smell of flowers, especially roses.

12. A beautiful thank you note.

13. A handmade gift made with love.

14. Time to watercolor paint.

15. A call or visit from my sons.

16. Knowing my friends and family are safe in the hands of God.

17. Dark Chocolate!

18. Fresh sheets dried outside in the sunshine.

19. A happy hubby.

20. Knowing my God will never leave me or forsake me.

21. Taking Great Grandma to the lake to "Feed the Birds!"

22. Reading my Bible sitting by the fire.

23. The smell of fresh baked bread in the house.

24. Tea with my daughter in law.

25. Holding my grand daughter and watching her sleep peacefully.


HisBeloved said...

A beautiful list of your favorite things. My favorite is #24...I wonder why? ;D

Daughter of the King said...

A wonderful list,
this is my first visit to your blog.
I will be back.
WA. State

Domestically Inclined said...

So glad you stopped by! Please come again, and I look forward to spending time at your place.

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