I was scanning some of the sites online that I frequent and the term "friendly Bacteria" hit me funny this time.

Terrorist activity, bombings, war, divorce, shootings, kidnappings, strikes and the like are at the top of the list of topics in the news today. It was nice to come across something "friendly" even if it was just "bacteria".

Why not try a batch of kefir!

Fresh strawberries are available even up here in the cold country, so I will start a batch soon myself!


Daughter of the King said...

O love Kefir...and these strawberries...mouth watering..mmmmmm

Steph said...

did you try your batch of kefir yet? how did it do? where did you get your grains? i've considered getting more grains, but unfortunately i'm allergic to dairy.... even raw goat's milk.

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