Favorite Quotes

Some of my favorite quotes...

So when my latest breath shall rend the veil in twain
By death I shall excape from death,
and life eternal gain. ~anonymus

The heart that is love with Jesus must sing! ~anonymus

Isn't it wonderful when you come across some poetry or story someone has written and their words jump out at you? They speak to your heart and fill your head with memories or ignite your heart with a passion to write or live or sing! It's been a while since I have picked up the old classic poets of England but those that have written concerning Jesus bring light into a dark winter day. They weren't standing on a street corner, or shouting from a pulpit, but the truths they speak of in regards to Almighty God transcend time and generations.
Just as the Psalmist writes "What is man that you are mindful of him?" So to an anonymous poet in the 1600's wrote...

Thus if a king were coming, would we do
and 'twere good reason too
For is a duteous thing
To show all honor to an earthly king
And after all our travail and our cost
So he be pleased, to think no labor lost.

But at the coming of the King of Heaven
All's set at six and seven
We wallow in our sin,
Christ cannot find a chamber in the inn.
We entertain Him always like a stranger
And, as at first, still lodge Him in the manger.

The Spirit of God has influenced many of our mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers to take care of and remain in the home. It gave them time to reflect on their own hearts and where they stand or fall before the Lord.
Too much business and flittering about keeps a heart numb, but not open to the calling of God. Some of us can be so thick headed that it takes God a few times to call before we listen.
Do you remember Samuel? He was sleeping when God called and it took him three times before he realized it was the voice of God. Thankfully many that have gone on before us have bowed at the feet of our King, and we can blissfullly learn from their experience if we are willing.

Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life! Proverbs 4:23

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Mrs. V. said...

I especially like what you said about too much business and flittering about keeps a heart numb and not open to God.

~~Very good post!!

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