WEEK #5 Tea Blog-A-Thon

Hmmm....what to wear to tea...that is the question.

Whether to dress in finery and pearls, with heels and fur, hat and gloves, fine linen and lace, or to come to tea as you are.

There is a place and a season

under the sun for all things,

and yet remember

vanity, vanity,

all is vanity.

One might think it better to be on the front porch

with Tea in a tumbler

filled with ice and a sprig of fresh mint,

sipping away with a friend who has just stopped by

on a warm summer afternoon.

Though one may have been working in the garden in frock and sturdy apron donned with a straw hat, there is always time for tea with a friend. Come one come all, leave none out for it is not the tea that dictates the garb, but the fellowship with a friend that dictates tea time pleasures!

A friend loveth at all times!


Denise said...

Great post! I can't help but chuckle ~ yes, it's vanity but isn't it fun! SMILE! and since i'm in a jean skirt and lavendar t-shirt right now, I'll gladly accept your invitation to come "just as I am"! It looks wonderfully delicious!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I love your photos! Very clever post and it is true that tea with a friend is the more important thing.

Arleen said...

Brava!!! How fun it was to read your prose!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

I love your shutter with hats and gloves, perhaps I'll wear some while tasting some of your delights :). Wonderful post, thank you for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Love that!

Marye said...

Fantastic! I agree about always time for a friend!
Your images are wonderful.

Kathy said...

A beautifully set table, pretty gloves, and lovely ideas for a tea party! Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Mrs. V. said...

I love the way you wove the two scriptures of a time for everything and all is vanity together ~ very cute!

I don't have my post up yet. We are very busy and it may have to wait another day or so.

Carrie said...

Well said!

Miss Sandy said...

This is a most clever post and I truly loved it! You are so very right, it is the friendship and fellowship that are important! Sipping ice cold tea from a tumbler on the front porch sounds heavenly!

Steph said...

What fun photos. Thank you! And I love your blog header.

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

You are right of course. But I still love to get dressed up! The picture of the hats and gloves brought back memories of my grandmother....

Grace Yaskovic said...

a great visit, thanks for posting!

zetor said...

Clothes are lovely. That tea table looks so inviting, I hope I can get over there!!!

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