Yes, life can be hard, but God is good...all the time.

Thank you so much for the prayers and notes and cards, and emails, kind spoken words and hugs, that have been so encouraging and uplifting. It brings great comfort to know that Jesus is always there for us in our time of need, and that so many are willing to remind us to find comfort in the right place...in the shadow of His wings.

We are actually feeling quite loved and even spoiled this week as many are sharing meals with us. MIL's leg has been hurting and she forgets that she needs to rest it so the best way I have found to help her rest is to take her for a drive to see the beauty of God's creation right now. It is as if God is using every color on His paint pallete to beautify His creation. The leaves are gorgeous right now and are beginning to fall from the trees as well. The frost was most certanily on the pumpkin this morning, but by afternoon a beautiful time for MIL to be out in the fresh air.

After our drive we come home and I have encouraged a time of rest. Not to long after that our friends and the Helping Hands ministry at chuch have been bringing dinner to the house. MIL has decided that she likes waking up and having dinner and some sort of delicious chocolate dessert delivered everday, so she has announced, "I think I am going to stay here for the rest of my life!"

God speaks through His word, and friends and family, strangers, as well as creation. HE has a wonderful way of letting us know we are loved


Sharon said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Ticia said...

Your Mother in law is very blessed to have a daughter in law as kind hearted and giving as you.


HOPE said...

I want to cry over your MIL's comment about wanting to stay there for the rest of her life.

It should be that way...the brethrens care bringing such comfort and warmth to her at such a needed time. Love that shows in action and heart.

Oh how I wish I could bring her over a little "chocolate" delight and warm hug.

Thanks for the encouraging post of how important small things can touch a heart in need.

Blessings to you ..

Cherie said...

In our Bible study Wednesday night, we were doing a study of Ruth and Naomi. It brought you to mind. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Hugs from Ohio,

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