Back online with Blogger!

I don't know how many of you have had trouble connecting to your Blogger sites this past week or so, but I've been one of them. I checked with Blogger and they said many sites have had trouble with the Internet Explorer opening the site. It would open for a few seconds and then abort the operation. There has also been some trouble with sites regarding China, although I'm not up on all the detatils with that. Something about China not allowing some Blogger sites to be accessed from their end.

I'm glad to be back online, and have so missed hearing from so many of you!

In the meantime I have used the time to transplant my seddlings to the front porch and put up some Vinyl Blinds out front to disapate some of the west facing heat that will hopefully come our way.

I've also had some much needed time with someone from church who came over to help me with a worship music project or organinzing and alphabetizing the song sheets for Friday Nights Kids worship. Thanks Gail!

I'ts has been nice taking time to practice playing the Guitar again, I say THE guitar as it is my husbands Martin, but he shares with me. My fingers tips have gotten so tender that they pain me even now while I type...must practice more!

It was a lovely Memorial Day Weekend, with blessed beautiful days that made me feel all the more guilty which reminded me to pray for our military who spent their Memorial Day across the world in a huge desert away from their loved ones. Father I know that You can reach down to wherever they are and comfort them and protect them and keep them and their families in Your tender care. We ask that You would and Praise You for doing so for so long.

One more thing while I was not online, it was the weekend of our youngest sons 21st birthday. Praying for you Mike that Jesus would hold you tight and draw you evercloser to Himself. Love you, and miss you. Love Momma!

© Monika Hardy


Conny said...

Hi Monika, thanks for stopping by my blog to check out the lovely bread I made ... Would you believe I actually LIKE the German "grau brot" that you described as prison bread (which made me chuckle!)?! :)

I teach German at a small Christian school. My parents are both German - but my mom married an American soldier when I was 4 and we came to the States. So, I spoke German before I spoke English :) I called my Oma
"Omi" often too. Now my mother is Oma to my kids :) I love it!

Lori said...

Yay and hooray, you're back!! And you've certainly been missed! :) Let's hope you won't have anymore blogger problems!

Happy Birthday wishes to your son!

Miss Jen said...

Welcome Back, Monika!!!
Sounds like you have been happily busy!

Many Blessings~ Jen

HOPE said...

I wondered where you were?? Glad to know you didn't leave us!

Thank you for the Memorial Day prayer...I have a son who's been over there for 15 months (dad of three) and he may go back in just 9 months! My TWO son's in laws are in the military also...

SO THANK YOU very much for remembering them with this thoughtful post.

God bless..

Domestically Inclined said...

Thank you all for the comments and emails. I so appreciate hearing from you, and being able to read your blogs once again.

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