Today is my Spiritual Birthday!

A slight departure from Frugal Friday posts, as today is a special day for me. It is my Birthday!
My Spiritual Birtday!
I still have the Bible my Sunday School Teacher gave to me with the date inscribed, May 8th, 1972. He was such a wonderful older gentle man, and he made sure that after I accepted Jesus he gave me a Bible to read. I accepted Jesus as my Savior ....ohhh my...37 years ago!

It was at Vacation Bible School in the inner city of Los Angeles. The times around us were getting better with much of the riots accross the railroad tracks in Compton over. We lived in a town called South Gate. The dad of a friend of mine from school drove the JOY bus to pick us all up for Sunday School. If we all invited enough friends to fill the bus, the bus driver, Mr. Mc Bride, would by ice cream cones for each one of us, and we managed to get those ice cream cones about three times a summer. It was nice for mom to be able to send us off to Sunday School in the bus that picked us up from in front of our house. You see, shewould then go to the nursing home to pick up dad, as he was ill with cancer, and bring him home so we could all spend the afternoon together.

It is amazing that Jesus would die for such a sinner as I. To leave the presence of God, the only home He had ever known, to come to an earth that would ridicule Him, beat Him, crucify Him, and mock Him to this day. And yet, I know I have the hope and future of living eternally in heaven with MY Jesus one day. Until then, I share Him with you!
Jesus is waiting, waiting for you to come to Him, to surrender your life to Him, to give you life abundantly!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, so that whosoever believes in Him, he will not perish, but have everasting life!
John 3:16

© Monika Hardy


Laurie said...

Happy Spiritual Birthday!

Your post lifted my spirits today. I've been down in the dumps and reading your post made me realize how truly blessed I am.

Thank you!

Lori said...

Oh Monika, HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this your most important birthday!! That is a precious post! :) Brought a big smile to my face. And yes ma'am, it is amazing that the Lord Jesus would die for such an one as I. Grace truly is amazing, isn't it?
God bless you!! And thanks for sharing that!

HOPE said...

A glorious day!!!

I celebrated mine in March...36 years! I too...so humbled by the fact that the LORD Jesus Christ did all this for...me...for you..for all mankind!

Oh the thought had I rejected...I cringe. I thank the LORD for his grace in sending a person who cared for my soul and told me the truth of God's redeeming ..complete salvation.

God bless this day for you!!

Miss Jen said...

What a wonderful day!!! ;)
Thank you for sharing your
wonderful testimony!!!!!!
The Lord is good~ He call sinners, to repentance and belief in Him!!!
Praise God for such a Savior as Jesus! Happy Spiritual Birthday, dear friend. ;) Oh and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Miss Jen

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Happy Birthday!

Conny said...

I too was a "bus kid" who got saved at VBS --- my spiritual birthday in June marks 30 years since I accepted Christ as Savior! :) What a wonderful testimony you have! Praise the Lord!

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