Allergic to soaps?

All right! I have to admit it! I am slightly, mildly, nay, obsessivley addicted to Biokleen products. No, I am not getting any income from this post, I am merely sharing the wonders of cleaning products that don't make me sneeze, or itch, or stop my breathing! No breathing is not over rated, it is a must. With germs of all kinds beginnning to multiply in the Fall and winter months, I used to wipe everything down with bleach and spray Lysol to kill all those invisible germs. However, about 5 years ago I developed allergies to chemicals.
What was I going to do with out BLEACH!
Well, Biokleen and enzymes to the rescue! Biokleen is a line of products that uses enzymes to do the "dirty"work and not only kill, but "eat" those germs. Caring for an Alzheimers patient in the home brings some unfavorable messes and odors into the home, as well as germs that cannot always be tracked as the patient forgets where things are supposed to go.
I've used the Biokleen washing detergent now for a few years, and love the fresh clean smell of odor free clothing, free from perfumes or any odors. Bac-Out is a spray that I can spray on the carpeting or any other fabric in the home without chemicals that cause allergic reations. It also works great on stains...any stain. Just spray it on, and let the enzymes "eat" through the stain. Bac-out also works great on tuogh odors in the laundry.
Biokleen also has a line of dishwashing soap that smells great, from unscented to lemon-thyme, to grapefruit! Best of all my hands do not itch after doing the dishes! If you have any difficulties using other soaps and detergents, give Biokleen a try, I know I'm happy I tried it!
© Monika Hardy


Conny said...

thanks for sharing about that product. I'm not allerigic to chemicals; however, I hate the smell (and almost "taste" when Lysol or something like that is in the air & you can almost feel it in your throat)...
Have a lovely, CLEAN weekend! :)

Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful informative
post!! :)

Happy Reformation day to you!!!

Love & Blessings~ Miss Jen

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