She works willingly with her hands

...she worketh willing with her hands. Proverbs 31:13b
I posted some pics of my canning results the other day, and received an email with photos from a friend whose mom did the same thing. I asked if I could share these photos with the readers of my blog, and she thought mom would be tickled pink!

My friend mentioned that when her mom is finished a portion of the canning she will put them all out on the table and enjoy them for awhile. I just love to so the same.

I put them on the table and after I am sure they are sealed I take the time to take off the caps and wash the jar and screw on cap, (not the seal) with hot sudsy water to avoid any change of germs growing as they jars are stored. Then I sit bakc and enjoy the view. I am so glad these photos were shared with me so I could share them with you! Just look at all those pickles, jams, salsas and freezer goods from their garden!
I see the guard cat has the best seat in the house, but unfortunately has fallen asleep on duty :)

© Monika Hardy

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Anonymous said...

Wow! When we can food, it's like 6 or 7 jars at a time, and they get squirelled away in the basement the minute they've cooled. But it's funny, because I used to do the same thing as you with my Christmas and birthday presents as a child- line them all up and take a photograph. Like it was some sort of harvest! Wierd! :)

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