Harvest Time

To keep debt, dirt, and the devil out of my cottage has been my greatest wish ever since I set up housekeeping; and although the last of the three has sometimes got in by the door or the window, for the old serpent will wriggle through the smallest crack, yet thanks to a good wife, hard work, honesty, and scrubbing brushes, the two others have not crossed the threshold. CH Spurgeon

Autumn breezes were in full force the other day. A strech of the highway was closed due to a dust storm that brought visability down to less than 5 miles. I'd definitely say that the winds of change are upon us. This morning was a beautiful crisp Fall morning complete with a light frost on the pumpkins. Ok so the pumkins, and water melons and cantalope only grew to tennis ball size. we can live with that as it brought joy to Great grandma everytime she helped water them or sit out on the front porch while listening to her son play guitar and look at those pots on the porch with loads of tiny grape tomatoes and minature melons, it was worth it this year to have a container garden for just such moments as these.

It was nice to pick up some fruit at the local Farmers Markets and fruit stands to can some fresh peaches without high fructose corn syrup, and make some jam and preserves without a large amount of sugar. The fresh fruits and veggies have been great to juice as well, and makes it much easier to get your days allotment of them both.

The days will grow dark and dreary soon enough. The work put into putting up the bounty of harvest will help in the winter when gluten free, preservative free, high fructose corn syrup free items sky rocket in price when the snows hit! Due to allergies in many families such work is priceless as the American stores are filled with items that are so unhealthy and full of fillers.

Frugal shopping throughout the year will help you stock your pantry with much healthier products for the winter months ahead. Yes, we pray for our daily bread, and plan for the future. With Great grandma, it makes it difficult if not impossible to get out and go shopping when the weather gets so fierce, which makes planning ahead a necessity. It also makes for reserves when others are in need. What a pleasure it is to be able to share of what God has provided!

I suppose this may sound overkill or even perhaps foolish to the modern day American who can stop at the deli, hamburger joint, or coffee hut anytime they wish by starting up the car to pick up a meal or a snack or treat anytime they wish. Convienience costs dearly. However with a bit of planning one families budget can be stretched to help many others.

Fresh Peaches, Peach jam, Rasberry Peach jam, Plum Butter, are all great on oatmeal or yoguhrt in the winter, or Great Grandma loves any of them with her peanut butter.

The Jalepeno pepper jelly is great with lamb, or as an appetizer on a soda craker with cream cheese.

You can find links to plenty of Canning and Preserving recipes on the side bar of my other site...Frugality 101

I should get back to work now. Hope your Autumn is off to a great start, and that you are keeping your eyes on Jesus!

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Lori said...

Oh don't those canned goodies look yummy?! I love canning. I keep my jars out on the counter for days after I've canned just so I can look at them! LOL! I'm loving these crispy fall days...hope you're enjoying them too. :)

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